Personal Protective Equipment Market Report- Likely To Grow At 7.5 % By 2018

The personal protective equipment market is likely to witness growth at around 7.5 percent by 2018. This is due to rising safety regulations and awareness among people. Personal protective equipment (PPE) includes hearing protection, respiratory protection, protective clothings and many more.

The primary factors driving the personal protective equipment market are rapid industrialization and growing occupational safety regulations. Rising consumer industries, such as oil and gas, automotives, construction and chemicals also drive the market. However, factors restraining the personal protective equipment market are unbranded products and production process automation.

The personal protective equipment market can be divided into three major categories, including types, applications and geographies. The market, on the basis of types, can be fragmented into hearing protection, respiratory protection, head protection, eye protection, face protection, protective clothing, fall protection and hand protection.

The personal protective equipment market, on the basis of applications, can be fragmented into manufacturing, oil & gas, transportation, automotives, pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals and construction. Geographically, the personal protective equipment market can be segmented into four major categories, including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and ROW (rest of the world).

North America dominated the PPE market and was followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. This is due to increasing safety for workers on site and governmental regulations regarding safety of workers. Europe has shown steady growth owing to its adoption of worker safety. Protective clothing and head & face protection equipments are the largest revenue generating sectors in this region.

Asia Pacific is the fastest growing region for personal protective equipment market. It is likely to witness significant growth over the forecast period.